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Institucional / Nossa certificados

This is a "Child-Friendly Company" that contributes to creating a better world for children and adolescents.

1: Not using child labor and not employing adolescents in nocturnal, dangerous or unhealthy activities, respecting Law 8.069/90 – Statute Protecting Children and Adolescents.

2: Inform hired suppliers that proven claims of child labor will cause a disruption of the business relationship.

3: Take actions to create awareness in clients, suppliers and the community about the damages of child labor.

4: Develop actions to benefit the children of employees in the areas of education and health.

5: Organize social activities to benefit children and adolescents in underprivileged communities, in accordance with the values established by the Abrinq - Save the Children Foundation.

These are the commitments made to the Abrinq - Save the Children Foundation.


Institucional / Nossa certificados

With the Shelling Unit in Dumont and the Production Unit in Ribeirão Preto (both of which are located in the state of São Paulo), Santa Helena increasingly invests in qualifying its employees, rigorously selecting raw materials and using cutting edge technology in its production process.

The excellence of its products is attested to by the ABICAB (Brazilian Association of the Chocolate, Cocoa, Peanut, Candy and Derivatives Industries) Pro-Peanut quality seal.

The products are analyzed by SGS do Brasil, an internationally renowned Swiss company hired by ABICAB to issue the Pro-Peanut certificate.