Santa Helena is a company that is highly concerned with social, environmental and cultural issues. That is why we insist on encouraging a variety of projects through laws that foment education, art, healthcare and environmental preservation.

  • Rouanet Law

    Rouanet Law

    The PRONAC (National Program for Supporting Culture), also known as the Rouanet Law, consists of a set of guidelines for national culture. Through tax incentive policies, it allows companies and citizens to invest part of their income tax in cultural activities.

  • Audiovisual Law

    Audiovisual Law

    The Audiovisual Law is a Brazilian law on investing in the production and co-production of cinematographic projects. It provides tax incentives to individuals and companies that sponsor cinematographic works.

  • Children and Adolescents

    Children and Adolescents

    The ECA (Statute Protecting Children and Adolescents) regulates tax incentives for individuals and companies that want to give part of their income tax to projects and institutions that support the development of children and adolescents.

  • Sports incentives

    Sports incentives

    The Ministry of Sports regulates what individuals and companies can deduct from the income taxes they owe. These amounts can be given as sponsorships or donations, as direct support for sports and parasports projects.

  • Support for the Elderly

    Support for the Elderly

    The National Senior Citizen Fund is used to finance programs and activities for the elderly, in order to ensure their social rights and create conditions for promoting their autonomy, integration and full participation in society.