04 Nov Institutional

Santa Helena celebrates its 72nd anniversary

Santa Helena, known as the largest company in Brazil that specializes in shelling, processing and selling peanut-based products, is celebrating its 72 years in the market this month. Throughout its trajectory, the company has made brands such as Paçoquita and Mendorato become the symbols for paçoca and Japanese-style peanuts, respectively. Its leadership in the sector is due in part to its utmost care with the raw materials used in its products and the constant investments made to maintain the high quality of its products.

In addition to its participation in renowned fairs, the excellent origins and delicious flavors of Santa Helena snacks and sweets are responsible for the brand's growth, which is now exported to demanding markets such as Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Aware that investing is crucial to standing out and staying on top, the company inaugurated a new industrial complex two years ago. With 11,000 m2, the new factory is one of the most modern in Latin America, responsible for producing the entire snack line.

The forecast for 2014 is a 35% increase in the months in which winter celebrations and the World Cup will be held. For these dates, Santa Helena is preparing communication campaigns and promotional kits.

One of the novelties for this period is in the Amindu's line. The brand has just had its packaging revamped and is now available in the lemon pepper (150g) and honey mustard (150g) flavors. The traditional unsalted peanuts are also gaining a new 200g version.

Santa Helena will also launch two other new promotional items that allude to football. One of them will have an exclusive gift, while the other will have special packaging so you can give it to someone as a present.