Santa Helena is a winner at the 2014 Ribeirão Preto Top of Mind competition

Santa Helena, the leader in the peanut-based candy and sweets segment in Brazil, was a winner at the 12th edition of the Ribeirão Preto Top of Mind competition. It was recognized as the company most often remembered in the industrial food sector in 2014. The president of Santa Helena, Renato Fechino, was one of the five people honored by the Ribeirão Porto Commercial and Industrial Association (ACIRP) as part of the organization's 110th anniversary.

The Top of Mind competition is held by Recall magazine and the Tribuna Ribeirão newspaper. Through interviews with residents of the city, it chooses the brands most often remembered in the commercial, industrial and service sectors. The ceremony that revealed the winners took place on April 23, in the ACIRP main hall.

A survey requested by the organizers and coordinated by sociologist José Refúgio Ramírez Funes was used to obtain the results. In total, from February 25-27, 400 Ribeirão Preto residents over 15 years old, of both genders and from socioeconomic classes A, B and C participated in the survey.