Launch of Paçoquita Zero with Oatmeal

In addition to a delicious and irresistible taste, the peanut provides a variety of health benefits, helping improve people's quality of life. Vitamin E, omega 3, calcium and iron are only some of the nutrients that exist in this food. Santa Helena, the leader in the peanut-based candy and sweets segment in Brazil, developed products with no added sugar to meet our client's needs.

The industrial company's big launch is Paçoquita Zero with Oatmeal. One of the Brazilian population's favorite products is gaining a new sugar-free version with oatmeal, an ingredient recommended by nutritionists and doctors because it is rich in fiber. The new product will be sold in boxes with 4 or 24 units and help keep the body healthy.

In the same segment, the new Santa Helena Zero sugar line is also ideal for anyone who is concerned with their health. There are four options of items developed with highly nutritional raw materials: Peanut brittle, peanut candy, coconut candy and coconut candy with peanuts. The products are available in packages with either 3 or 24 units.

The traditional Diet Paçoquita still has the unique flavor of the closely guarded recipe. It will now also be available in 4-unit packages.

It is important to remember that Santa Helena controls the entire shelling, processing and manufacturing process for its products, in addition to its own laboratory. This is how it is able to guarantee excellent raw materials. With 72 years in the market, the industrial company was one of the first in the peanut sector to obtain the Abicab (Brazilian Association of the Chocolate, Cocoa, Peanut, Candy and Derivatives Industries) Pro-Peanut seal, which attests to the good origins and quality of all the products manufactured by the company.