Launch of three new Amindu's flavors

The Amindu's line has just had its packaging revamped, and is now available in the lemon pepper (150g), honey mustard (150g) and wasabi (150g) flavors. The traditional unsalted peanuts are also gaining a new 200 g version.

Santa Helena, the largest Brazilian industrial company specializing in peanuts, incorporated elements to show situations in which people eat and interact with peanuts into the new packaging for the Amindu's line. They linked eating the product to moments of leisure and relaxation, such as peanuts in a serving bowl, a beer coaster (which is often present when peanuts are being eaten) and phrases that interact with the consumer, inviting them to a variety of situations, such as happy hour. The traditional colors and characteristics of the old packaging (red for roasted and savory Amindu's and white for unsalted Amindu's) were kept.

"The novelties reaffirm the identity of the brand and rejuvenate it, further strengthening its relationship with the consumer," says Luciana Persoli, the company's marketing manager.

With ideas for sharing with friends and guaranteeing fun happy hours and gatherings, the new products are hitting the supermarkets with the already recognized quality of Santa Helena products. Made with 100% natural sources, peanuts contain calcium, iron, phosphorus, protein, vitamin E and fiber and have 0% cholesterol.