Traditional Paçoquita is now available in a creamy version

Paçoquita, the most traditional peanut treat in Brazil, which is very well-known by Brazilians, is now available in a new creamy format. The product will be available in stores starting on July 1st.

Santa Helena, the leader in the peanut-based candy and sweets segment in Brazil, is betting on a new version to win over new customers and make fans of the famous peanut treat even more loyal. In addition to maintaining the characteristics of the original product, Paçoquita Sweet Peanut Butter has been given characteristics that will make it a part of every Brazilian's breakfast. The product – which is available in a 180g package – offers health and energy benefits to the entire family, with a good quantity of protein and vitamin E, which are naturally present in peanuts.

Full of Brazilian culture and beloved by consumers, Paçoquita Sweet Peanut Butter is different from the peanut pastes eaten outside of the country. "The idea was to create a creamy version of Paçoquita, which is so beloved by Brazilians, faithfully reproducing its distinctive and delicious flavor. It has the specific characteristics of the original product, with pieces of peanut, and is extremely soft and easy to spread," explains Luciana Persoli, Santa Helena's marketing manager.

Paçoquita Sweet Peanut Butter can be used in a variety of ways: pure, with bread, cookies, fruit and even as a recipe ingredient in cakes and sweets. Because of its amazing texture and flavor, there are many ways to eat it and combine it with other ingredients. Breakfast and snacks for children at school or at home are some of the options.

The new product comes with the goal of being more and more present in the daily routines of Brazilians, offering an alternative to creams and pastes such as butters and sweet jams. "The creamy version is a unique peanut product, to be incorporated into breakfast, a meal greatly valued by Brazilians. This way, families can continue interacting with the brand at home," adds Luciana.

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