Social Projects


Santa Helena is concerned with social issues and defends more interactions between companies and societies. That is why we maintain the projects that aim to improve the lives of young people and children in Ribeirão Preto and the surrounding region. Learn more about our social projects.

Future in Construction Project

With an eye to the future, Santa Helena invests in educating young people. Through a partnership with SENAI (National Service for Industrial Training), the company offers professional training courses to children of employees and in the local and regional community who are between 14 and 18 years old. The project has existed since 2008 and emerged through research indicators found internally.

The goal of the project is to create opportunities to insert young people in the job market, offering great professional training to the community and showing appreciation for the company's employees by giving their children access to this program.

projeto nadando na frente

Swimming Ahead Project

The Swimming Ahead Project has existed since 2007, and includes activities held in partnership with the Instituto de Esportes (Sports Institute - Ribeirão Preto NGO) for children between the ages of 7 and 13, with the goal of encouraging interest in practicing sports through swimming and making them into responsible citizens through teaching them the values of citizenship and monitoring their performance in school.

Projeto Alma: Academia Livre de Música e Artes

The Alma Project: Free Academy of Music and Art

Santa Helena, together with Fundação Dom Pedro II (Ribeirão Preto/SP), participates in the ALMA - Academia Livre de Música e Artes (Free Academy of Art and Music). It was created to offer children and teenagers that have a background in art, especially in music, the chance to achieve technical, artistic, and expressive mastery.?

Although it is a music school, other forms of art are present in a varied and wide range of forms, such as operas, short operas, operetas, and other modern genres for musical theater.

ALMA relies on the efforts of resident composers and musical arrangement specialists to achieve its endeavors. These guarantee that the artistic and pedagogical production is connected with the modern world.

Donations Program

The Donations Program is done through registering philanthropic institutions through legal criteria. Based on their activities, the company provides products that subsidize their activities.