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Institucional / A Empresa

To all of us here at Santa Helena, time is a friend, an ally that improves our knowledge and makes our products increasingly delicious and irresistible.

From Ribeirão Preto to the world, we are the largest industrial company producing peanut-based products in Brazil.

Since 1942 we have provided joy and flavor through quality products, always working to maintain the great origins of all the raw materials we use. The result? Whenever anyone thinks of peanut sweets, they think of Paçoquita, much like when you think of Japanese-style peanuts, Mendorato comes to mind. These products have grown to represent the category, with national and international recognition that reflects our rigorous quality control and our desire to surprise our clients and consumers every single day!

Institucional / A Empresa


Offer consumers foods that provide a unique experience, keeping them loyal and providing them with sustainable generated value.


Be a reference in all of the sectors in which it is present, maintain an innovative culture and be one of the best places to work.


Physical safety

Our employees' physical safety is our priority. Accident prevention must be practiced and defended by all.

Innovation and Creativity

We recognize innovation in the way we find solutions to the company's issues. We encourage our employee's contributions with ideas and suggestions, giving them the value they deserve and implementing them when they are approved.

Respect for diversity

We do not accept or tolerate any form of prejudice. Each human being is unique and deserves to have their dignity be respected.

Transparency and action

We require transparency and follow through with everything we say, keeping consistency between what we say and do.


We value people who are committed to the goals and norms of the company, who seek to develop themselves.

Loyalty and confidentiality

To be loyal and measure up to the trust that people invest in us. Confidentiality is part of this concept.


Our leaders develop people and teams, seeking the evolution of skills and abilities to train successors who are engaged with the company's goals and principles, dedicating the necessary time.


We are constantly seeking improvement opportunities, with a focus on generating results.

Quality of products and brands

We are all responsible for the quality and safety of our products, the maintenance of our image and brands and the company's reputation.

Interpersonal skills

All relationships should be guided by genuine respect, regardless of position or rank in the company.


We work to meet all of our clients' needs, focusing on productivity and long-term sustainable returns.


We encourage the integration of people and areas, inspiring teamwork.

Future vision: diversity, equity and inclusion

We'll be an empowered and representative team of society, led by a humanized leadership that promotes psychological well-being, recognizing the value of diversity, equity and inclusion, to bring the best of peanuts within reach of all people.

Certified Quality

Institucional / A Empresa

With the Processing Unit in Dumont and the Production Unit in Ribeirão Preto (both of which are located in the state of São Paulo), Santa Helena increasingly invests in qualifying its employees, rigorously selecting raw materials and using cutting edge technology in its production process.

The excellence of its products is attested to by the ABICAB (Brazilian Association of the Chocolate, Cocoa, Peanut, Candy and Derivatives Industries) Pro-Peanut quality seal.

The products are analyzed by SGS do Brasil, an internationally renowned Swiss company hired by ABICAB to issue the Pro-Peanut certificate.